Keyhole™ Hygienic Process Insertion Mechanism
Keyhole Sanitary RTD - Patented hygienic insertion

Windridge Sensor's products utilize the Keyhole™ hygienic process insertion mechanism. This unique mechanism is patented in the US (US20080078259 & US7607364) and Internationally (EP2069678).

Its ultra-clean design not only improves CIP/SIP performance, but also thermally isolates the immersed sensor tip from the rest of the sensor, its fitting, and any connected pipework such that accurate near-wall temperature measurement can be made. The resulting low thermal mass tip also provides excellent transient response rates and allows other tip styles to measure multiple radial flow locations simulataneously.

Inserting a Keyhole™ sensor in to its process fitting
The Keyhole™ sensor assembly is easily inserted into the process pipeline by screwing the Attachment Bushing into the threaded section of the Fitting. This attachment mechanism allows the sensor assembly to be quickly and easily removed for inspection without removing the fitting from the process and avoids any risk of the sensor being expelled from the pipeline due to excessive process pressure conditions.

The Sensor Tip is thermally isolated from the rest of the sensor assembly and the pipework, creating an ultra-low thermal mass that provides superior speed of response and measurement accuracy.

A variety of Sensor Tip styles are available depending on the measurement application.

Keyhole Sanitary RTD - Key Components
Creating a leak-free and pressure-compensating hygienic seal
Once attached to the Fitting, the Compression Actuator Nut is tightened against the Attachment Bushing. This compresses the Elastomer Seal axially by a predetermined amount. As the Seal is compressed axially, it expands radially against the wall of the pipe and the Fitting. This provides an ultra-clean hygienic seal without crevices, pockets or static zones.

Once the Keyhole™ sensor is installed, any process pressure acts to further compress the Elastomer Seal, thus strengthening the sealing effect. This is in contrast to conventional sensor connections where the process pressure acts to separate the sealing surfaces and weaken the seal integrity.

The Keyhole™ process connection has been tested to over 1000 psig without weakening of the seal integrity.

Keyhole Sanitary RTD - creating a  hygienic, pressure-compensating seal
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